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Interview with actor/comedian Peter Fogel

Actor/writer/comedian Peter Fogel dropped by the studios this morning (Wednesday, Jan 23) to talk about the extension of his current show that began with the title My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m Home for the Holidays and is now changed to Steve Soloman’s I’m Home for the Holidays or Why I Left In The First Place.


Here’s the outline:  Steve is stuck in the airport, trying to get Home for the Holidays!  He shares with the audience his typical holiday nightmare, as he is thrown together with all his dysfunctional family members in a riotous celebration of the holiday season.  He paints a vivid picture of each member of his extended clan at a holiday dinner at Grandma’s where, if you’re under 55, you still sit at the children’s table and thirty five over-fed people share one toilet!


 To hear our full interview with Peter click on the following.


To find out more regarding times, dates and tickets CLICK HERE.  Plus, CLICK HERE to go to Peter’s personal website, and CLICK HERE to find out more about Peter’s book, Reboot Your Career.

 Please note:

This show is for mature audiences contains adult themes. MA17 (Mature Audiences 17 or older)


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